Monday, November 26, 2012

watercolor pencil cards

various cards done by my friends and me

Today I made some beautiful cards with my friends. I used watercolor pencils, and the cards turned out outrageously beautiful and vibrant. Here is what you need:

watercolor pencils                                           sturdy or watercolor paper
regular pencils                                                blank cards
colored or patterned paper                                water
gluestick                                                         scissors
ruler                                                                small paintbrushes

Lightly sketch a design in pencil onto the sturdy paper and choose the colors you are going to use. Then, color in  the picture with watercolor pencils. Dip the paintbrush in water and smear it over the picture. This will give the picture a watercolor look. Let the picture dry, then pick out the paper you want to use for your frame. Cut it out, making your lines straight with a ruler. As soon as the picture is dry, glue it onto the paper and press it down. Then, glue that piece onto the card. After that, you can write whatever you want inside your beautiful card!

Other Ideas
With watercolor pencils, the possibilities are endless! You can make cards and send them to friends and family, or just frame it and hang it on the wall! You can also add little embellishments, like glitter or lace. But remember, in art, the choice is always yours!

Monday, June 25, 2012

butterfly cupcakes

Today, I made some butterfly cupcakes. I did it with a couple friends at an art camp my mom has started, and I totally recommend the cupcake batter we used. It was from Trader Joes, and it was called "Vanilla Cake and Baking Mix" . Here is what you need:

unfrosted vanilla cupcakes                                          frosting
sprinkles                                                                   chocolate chips
butter knife                                                                cutting board

Use the knife to cut out a shallow pool in the top of the cupcake. Fill the pool with frosting(you are free to do an outrageous amount!)and move the piece that you cut out to the cutting board. Cut it in half to make wings, and make adjustments to make each wing more like a heart instead of a half circle. Line up three or four chocolate chips in the middle of the cupcake and put the wings on either side of them. Decorate with sprinkles and enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

wood game

Today, I made a wood game. My dad was chopping off an outrageous amount of branches off our tree, and I could not wait to make something out of them! Here's what you need:

a bit of cardboard                                           sticks
colored pencils                                               sharpie
colored markers

Think of a board game where you have to use playing pieces, dice, and bonus pieces. Then, make a board for your game out of cardboard, colored pencils, and a sharpie. Make the pieces out of sticks cut into short cylinders. If you need to, make the playing pieces different from each other by coloring on them with markers. Then make dice by cutting sticks into various lengths. Finally, make bonus pieces that are easily distinguishable from the playing pieces and the dice.

Other Ideas
For this game, you can do extra by making a decorated box for your game or writing an instruction manual. You could also make a collection of board games and play them with your friends and family. This would also make a nice gift. Who knows, someday you might be a famous board game maker. You can choose!                            

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

inspirational collage

Today, I made an inspirational collage. I really liked the way the orange stood out against the black, so I decided to do something with it! Here's what you need:

black paper                                                            bright paper
glue                                                                       white crayon

Glue the bright paper in the middle of the black, and make a shape out of it. It could be a heart, a star, or an animal--anything that has to do with an inspirational message that you can think of! Write the message down on the black paper with a black crayon, and you are done!

Other Ideas
This kind of collage looks best when it is sort of simple, so don't make your decorations stand out more than the thing in the middle does! You can make your middle object stand out even more, though, by putting glitter on it or using crayons to make it look as though beams of light are shooting from it. You create something crazy, you choose something outrageous!

Friday, April 20, 2012

earth collages

   friday, april 20  

 saturday, april 21

sunday, april 22--earth day!

monday, april 23

tuesday, april 24

Over 5 days, I made 5 earth collages. I chose to make these collages on Earth Day and the 4 days around it, and they were all made from recycled paper! Here is what you need:

recycled construction paper                                              full sheet of paper
glue                                                                                  scissors

Just cut out the shapes and make an outrageous, random collage out of them! You could do one that isn't completely crazy, too, like the one I did on the 20th.

Other Ideas
I can't really think of any other Ideas for this, but I can give advice: never do the same kind of collage over and over--it gets boring after a while. Also, it is your choice to enjoy doing art and be happy with it or not!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

message collage

Today, I made a message collage. The pictures were all from what remained of the Hana Hou magazines in the previous collage. Here's what you need:

magazine                                                    pencil

Think up an inspiring or meaningful phrase to put on your collage. It should have a couple nouns in it, so that you can glue on pictures describing your message. Once you write down the message on a piece of paper, you can cut out pictures from magazines and glue them on next to the nouns they describe.

Other Ideas
The simplicity of this collage depends on the phrase you choose and the magazine your pictures are from. All collages look good with a border, but remember that if the collage is simple, make an outrageous, elaborate border, and that eye-popping ones need a simpler, lighter one. Also, remember that Van Gogh  made up his own ideas; why can't you?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

vacation thank-you

Today, I painted another small fraction of the outrageous amount of Hawaiian art I have done-a vacation thank-you. A vacation thank-you thanks someone who hosted you on a vacation, with a picture painted on the front of something that the place you went to is known for. I invented that, of course. Here is what you need:

blank white card                                                 paints

Sketch what you are going to paint on another piece of paper if you want to be extra prepared. Then, start painting! I did a volcano, because that's how Hawaii was formed, But if you went to Florida, you should probably do something like an orange, or maybe a boot! Don't forget the message on the inside, though.

Other Ideas
Remember, an easy way to add glitter to a painting is to just shake it on while the paint is still drying. If you want to make one thing in the painting stand out, you can add glitter to just that spot. If I had done that, I would probably have done it on the lava, but yours will probably be different. If Leonardo got to decide all the details of his artwork, you can, too!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

natural pearls

Today, I made a natural pearl necklace. It was made from berries from the tree in my backyard! Here is what you need:

needle                                                        thread
seedless berries(not outrageously mushy)

Tie a knot in the thread and string it through the eye of the needle. One by one, push the needle through a berry and slide it down to the knot until the thread is full. Tie the ends of the thread together to form a necklace.

Other Ideas
If you are a perfectionist, experiment with different types of berries to find the longest lasting and best looking one. If you are more daring, though, mix different colors of berries and create a cool pattern with it. Your choices depend on the kind of person you are!

Monday, April 16, 2012

broken sign

Today, I made a broken sign for the oven. The dishwasher has broken an outrageous number of times, but never the oven! Here is what you need:

paper                                                      colored pencils
broken appliance                                    pencil

Think up a funny thing to say on your sign, like Hello, I'm Broken, who are you? or My name is Bob, but people call me Broken. Add some color to it with your colored pencils and you're ready to put it on the broken kitchen appliance!

Other Ideas
A broken sign doesn't really need to be too detailed or eye-catching. Make it your goal to change that! Add pizzaz with glitter or the edges cut in a wavy, jagged, or scalloped edge. You create, you decide!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

themed collage

Today, I made a themed collage out of the Hawaiian Airlines magazine, Hana Hou. It took a lot of work and a lot of time, but it turned out outrageously cool in the end. Here's what you need:

magazine with one main theme                                            poster paper
glue                                                                                   scissors

Use the scissors to cut out pictures from the magazine and glue them to the poster paper. I just realized how little writing this would take!

Other Ideas
If you do not have enough pictures to fill your paper, cut out scraps of construction paper to fill in the blank spots. Also, you can add something special to make your collage more unique! I looked through my magazines and cut out the word Hawaii every time it was mentioned, then glued it on my collage. You can add anything-tissue paper, feathers, string, glitter, beads, a border-you get to choose!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

ti leaf rose

Today, I made some ti leaf roses! I learned how in a lei making class in Hawaii, and I find it so amazing that you can make a beautiful rose like the ones in the picture out of a leaf! Here's what you need:

ti leaves or newspaper strips                                               string, yarn, or raffia

If you are using ti leaves, freeze them for two days and let them thaw before working with them.

Fold a ti leaf into thirds the long way.

Crease it so that it has a right angle.

Do the same thing on the other side so that you have a long tail and a short tail.

Roll along the crease nearest the short tail.

Fold the long tail behind itself.

Roll along the crease you just made. Keep repeating this until the long tail is about the same length as the short tail.

Tie the two tails together with yarn or string.

Make some more!

Other Ideas
You can make this kind of art out of lots of different materials. I've seen it done with not only ti leaves and newspaper, but also tissue paper, construction paper, and magazines. You can make bouquets out of flowers of an outrageous variation of materials and colors. I did 3 different colors in the bouquet above, and it looks really great! The choice is yours!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

computer art

Today, I did some outrageous computer art. It is comical art, which makes it very entertaining. Here is what you need:

drawing software (I used Beautiful Dorena) on a computer

First, explore all the different things you can do with your software. I discovered that I could type on Beautiful Dorena, so I used that in my art. As soon as you know what your software is capable of doing, you can think about what you want to create. You can make it comical, inspiring, meaningful, or all of the above.

Other Ideas
You can print your art and add on something 3D, or email it to somebody else. You could explore the world of computer software and find out how to make animated movies too!  That's art also. Remember, since there are so many different things to do with art software, you get to choose which path to follow!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

bright 3-D set

  I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!                                                             
Today, I painted an outrageously bright 3-D set. Originally, it was going to be just one painting-a light brown window looking out at a cloud, the sun, and a tree, but it didn't work out too well. Here is what you need:

white painting paper                                                                     4 paint colors
paintbrushes                                                                               small water bowl

Dip a paintbrush into the water, then the paint. Paint the entire paper with the color. This is color 1 in stage 1. Paint a square on the paper in a different color-color 2 in stage 2. In another color, paint a rhombus over the square, which will be color 3 in stage 3. Lastly, in a fourth color, paint another rhombus at the square's side as color 4 in stage 4. Set that aside to dry. On your next painting, put color 4 in stage 1, color 1 in stage 2, color 2 in stage 3, and color 3 in stage 4. Set that aside to dry, then do another painting with color 3 in stage 1, color 4 in stage 2, color 1 in stage 3, and color 2 in stage 4. This is where I stopped because I didn't have enough time, but you can go on to color 2 in stage 1, color 3 in stage 2, color 4 in stage 3, and color 1 in stage 4, if you like.

Other Ideas
If you want, you can go even farther, and think of other combinations of stages and colors. You could also make a chart of your set, like the one below.

                       color 1 color 2  color 3  color 4  color 1  color 2  color 3  color 4
            stage 1   *                                                                                        *
            stage 2               *                                      *
            stage 3                            *                                     *
            stage 4                                         *                                     *

                       color 1 color 2  color 3  color 4  color 1  color 2  color 3  color 4
            stage 1                            *                                     *
            stage 2                                         *                                     *
            stage 3   *                                                                                        *
            stage 4               *                                     *

Any 3 dimensional figure would work for this project, but you are the creator of your own masterpiece, so you get to decide which road it travels on! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

easter tote

Today, I sewed an Easter tote! This was a 2 day project, but it was really fun. Here is what you need:

colored felt                                                              tulle (mine was yellow)
thread/ embroidery floss                                         sewing machine/ needle

With the scissors, cut 2 identical rectangles, one long skinny rectangle, and one long wide rectangle out of felt. Fold the long skinny rectangle in half the long way and hand stitch the sides together to make a felt tube. This will be the handle.

For my tote, I also cut two rectangles out of tulle to decorate the sides.

I couldn't think of how to explain the instructions using words, so I made a picture.

I used my mom's sewing machine to stitch all the yellow parts, then I hand sewed the handle on.

Other Ideas
To make your Easter tote a little bit fancier, you can glue on glitter, different fabrics, buttons, or beads.  You could also use embroidery floss to stitch an outrageous design on the side. Make it your own because you're the artist!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wedding card

Today, I painted a wedding card. (Congratulations Randy and Michelle!!!) Here is what you need:

acrylic paint paper                    gouache paint
pen                                         pencil
glue (I used Mod Podge)           paintbrushes
glitter                                      water
gluestick                                 white card

Make an outrageously light sketch of what you want to paint (in pencil) on the paint paper. Then, paint a wash over your sketch. A wash is created by putting a lot of water into some paint, then taking a wide paintbrush and painting over a whole paper.  This is the creamy background you see at left. After that, paint inside your sketch with whatever color you like. Wait for that to dry. Then, write your message in a fancy font with a fancy pen. I used a sparkly gel pen. Use a small paintbrush to apply glue dots all over the paper and sprinkle glitter over it. Using the gluestick, attach your painting to a plain white card.

Other Ideas
This style of card making can be used for thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, or any other kind of card. You can also add more to your painting, like giving it a border, or gluing feathers onto it. There are many options, but you get to choose which one to follow, since you are the artist!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

persuasive cupcakes

Today, I made some persuasive cupcakes. It was my first ever batch of cupcakes, and it turned out really good! Here's what you need:

already baked cupcakes                                             frosting
food coloring (I used the gel kind)                                toothpicks
paper                                                                        pen

Put  the frosting into a big bowl and dye it with any color of food coloring you desire. Then, spread the frosting all over each cupcake and put sprinkles on it. Just don't tip the sprinkle jar too much, or there will be an outrageous mess! Write little messages on pieces of paper and glue toothpicks to the back. Then, stick a sign into each of the cupcakes and you're done!

Other Ideas
Cupcakes are the best when they are shared! You can bring persuasive cupcakes to any party, and they will disappear super fast! Of course, there are so many options, but the person who does the art is always the one to decide!

all of the cupcakes

my favorite cupcake
the recipe

Saturday, March 24, 2012

nail art

Today, I did some beautiful nail art! I had gotten the pens for christmas, but had never even opened them. Here is what you need:

nail pens                                                        nail polish
fingernails/toenails                                          clear nail polish

Put a layer of clear nail polish on your nails and wait for it to dry. Then, paint your nails with any color of polish you want. When the nail polish is completely dry, you can draw an outrageous design on your nails with the nail pen.

Other Ideas
If you want, you can add a little extra to your nail art, like putting sparkles on it or painting on a white tip. You could even do the white tip with a nail pen! Remember, though, when you are doing art, you get to make the choice, too!

Friday, March 23, 2012

super size hopscotch

Today, I made an outrageously sized hopscotch course! I worked on it for a long time with a friend, but our work finally paid off! Here's what you need:

a really long sidewalk                         chalk

Draw a bunch of connected boxes all the way down the sidewalk and fill them with numbers that go as high as you like. Then do the whole thing and time yourself!

Other Ideas
Remember, this doesn't have to be an ordinary hopscotch course. Add some interesting things to it, like places where you have to cartwheel, spin, or jump. Write little encouraging messages, too, like,"Good job!" and,"You did it!" and,"Almost there!". Or, you could do two identical tracks running on either side of the street, and race a partner to the finish! Always remember, though, that no matter what art you are doing, the choice is always yours!


me doing a cartwheel

follow the purple brick road


bouncy, bouncy, bouncy
the end
apple tree

Thursday, March 22, 2012

secret code

Today, I found a coded letter I once wrote to myself. I did this a long time ago, so I don't remember what the code is, so I don't even know what it says! Here's what you need:

paper                                                                                            pencil

Think up a number or symbol for each letter of the alphabet. Then, write a secret message, story, or song with your code! It looks really cool if you just do the alphabet over and over and then frame it.

Gzitk Ortql
Oy ngx pxlz vqfz zg rg ziol qkz ygk sggal qfr fgz ygk vkozofu qezxqs vgkrl, ngx eqf pxlz doj xh kqfrgd lndwgsl zg dqat oz sgga egga. Gk, ngx egxar vkozt q ltfztfet gk hqkqukqhi ziqz ngx ziofa iql, zitf zkqflsqzt oz wtsgv. Ktdtdwdk, qskfu vozi qkz ekdtl zit eikoet!
(This is what is written below in code!)

Other Ideas:
If you just want to do this art for looks and not for writing actual words, you can just mix up random symbols to make it look cool. Or, you could write a sentence or paragraph that you think has meaning, then translate it below. Remember, along with art comes the choice! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cartoon math

Today, I drew some cartoon math. It took a long time, but my math teacher was really impressed! Here's what you need:

paper                                                                pencil

Write a title on the top of your paper. Then, think of a rule for the function box. Draw a big box in the middle of the paper with conveyor belts connecting to the front and back. Draw all the numbers going through the inside of the function box. Label everything to make it more clear.

Other Ideas
Make sure to go over your title and other important things with a sharpie to make them stand out more. You could also draw the numbers going through outrageous phases inside the function box, or draw a crowd of stick people watching the numbers going through the dreaded box. But remember, if you ever get a package in the mail labeled, "art", then there will also be a tiny little box that is labeled, "choice".

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sidewalk message board

We couldn't fit the whole message into one photograph, so we just did it in separate sections. You can still tell what it says, though, right?

Today, I posted something in an outrageous style on my sidewalk message board! My neighbor and I just call it that because we use it to spread news and messages. Here is what you need:

sidewalk                                                                   chalk

Grab some chalk and just start drawing! You can write, too, and draw pictures to go with the message, too, or draw pictures that are completely different! That's what I did.      

Other Ideas
A message board can be used for so many things. Write HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GET WELL, WELCOME HOME, HAPPY EASTER, or MERRY CHRISTMAS! You could also just draw pictures. The art you make is chosen by you!