Wednesday, April 25, 2012

inspirational collage

Today, I made an inspirational collage. I really liked the way the orange stood out against the black, so I decided to do something with it! Here's what you need:

black paper                                                            bright paper
glue                                                                       white crayon

Glue the bright paper in the middle of the black, and make a shape out of it. It could be a heart, a star, or an animal--anything that has to do with an inspirational message that you can think of! Write the message down on the black paper with a black crayon, and you are done!

Other Ideas
This kind of collage looks best when it is sort of simple, so don't make your decorations stand out more than the thing in the middle does! You can make your middle object stand out even more, though, by putting glitter on it or using crayons to make it look as though beams of light are shooting from it. You create something crazy, you choose something outrageous!

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