Monday, June 25, 2012

butterfly cupcakes

Today, I made some butterfly cupcakes. I did it with a couple friends at an art camp my mom has started, and I totally recommend the cupcake batter we used. It was from Trader Joes, and it was called "Vanilla Cake and Baking Mix" . Here is what you need:

unfrosted vanilla cupcakes                                          frosting
sprinkles                                                                   chocolate chips
butter knife                                                                cutting board

Use the knife to cut out a shallow pool in the top of the cupcake. Fill the pool with frosting(you are free to do an outrageous amount!)and move the piece that you cut out to the cutting board. Cut it in half to make wings, and make adjustments to make each wing more like a heart instead of a half circle. Line up three or four chocolate chips in the middle of the cupcake and put the wings on either side of them. Decorate with sprinkles and enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

wood game

Today, I made a wood game. My dad was chopping off an outrageous amount of branches off our tree, and I could not wait to make something out of them! Here's what you need:

a bit of cardboard                                           sticks
colored pencils                                               sharpie
colored markers

Think of a board game where you have to use playing pieces, dice, and bonus pieces. Then, make a board for your game out of cardboard, colored pencils, and a sharpie. Make the pieces out of sticks cut into short cylinders. If you need to, make the playing pieces different from each other by coloring on them with markers. Then make dice by cutting sticks into various lengths. Finally, make bonus pieces that are easily distinguishable from the playing pieces and the dice.

Other Ideas
For this game, you can do extra by making a decorated box for your game or writing an instruction manual. You could also make a collection of board games and play them with your friends and family. This would also make a nice gift. Who knows, someday you might be a famous board game maker. You can choose!