Monday, November 26, 2012

watercolor pencil cards

various cards done by my friends and me

Today I made some beautiful cards with my friends. I used watercolor pencils, and the cards turned out outrageously beautiful and vibrant. Here is what you need:

watercolor pencils                                           sturdy or watercolor paper
regular pencils                                                blank cards
colored or patterned paper                                water
gluestick                                                         scissors
ruler                                                                small paintbrushes

Lightly sketch a design in pencil onto the sturdy paper and choose the colors you are going to use. Then, color in  the picture with watercolor pencils. Dip the paintbrush in water and smear it over the picture. This will give the picture a watercolor look. Let the picture dry, then pick out the paper you want to use for your frame. Cut it out, making your lines straight with a ruler. As soon as the picture is dry, glue it onto the paper and press it down. Then, glue that piece onto the card. After that, you can write whatever you want inside your beautiful card!

Other Ideas
With watercolor pencils, the possibilities are endless! You can make cards and send them to friends and family, or just frame it and hang it on the wall! You can also add little embellishments, like glitter or lace. But remember, in art, the choice is always yours!

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