Saturday, February 2, 2013

Glass Pendant Necklaces

Hi everyone, I'm back after a looooong absence. Sorry, I've been really busy lately. Anyway, a while ago I made a beautiful necklace at my summer art camp, thanks to Lara Kiniri. I am actually wearing one of them right now, the one with the brown swirl on it. My mom really likes that one, and I let her borrow it sometimes. She made the green one with the three flowers on it. This project was outrageously fun, and you can get materials like silver frames for your necklace in lots of different shapes, glass tiles, and chains for great prices at We used E-6000 glue, and it worked really well. A fun idea for this project is to buy the materials at, then make your necklaces and sell them to your friends, if you are a kid like my neighbor Sadie and want to make some extra money. Anyway, if you try out this project and have a lot of fun, keep looking out for more great craft ideas coming your way!

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