Thursday, August 15, 2013

trifold boards

A while ago, I had two school assignments that included decorating trifold boards. The art in a school project is always the most fun for me (see my earlier John Muir four quadrant diorama!) so I went all out with the decorating on these two projects. One of them is my country report (France! Ah, lovely France. Did you know that the Louvre art museum is home to the Mona Lisa?) and the other is my scientific method project. And I found out that a copper penny is just as hard a a zinc penny. Anyway, both trifolds were painted, the France one with the colors of the French flag, and the science one with icy blue. Then, I glued information mounted on black paper onto the boards, along with colored drawings for the French one and a shiny silver "railroad track" with coins "taped" onto it for the science one. Yes, I was squashing coins on a railroad track to test their hardness. Outrageous, right?

me taping coins onto track^
Anyway, both boards totally popped at open house and science night! Also, my France presentation included a special type of dessert called a petit four, which you can check out above this post. Anyway, for those of you that have kids going back to school soon, remind them to be extra creative with their art assignments this year!

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  1. How did you get the 3 colors on the France Trifold project ? FYi they look great.