Thursday, August 15, 2013

chihuly garden and glass

Our family recently took a trip to Alaska to visit our relatives. On the way there, we had a one day layover in Seattle, which might possibly be my favorite place in the world now that I have had a chance to look around and see all the art! The definite highlight was the chihuly glass museum, which features outrageous glass sculptures, chandeliers, and decorations of all colors, indoors and outdoors. Here are some pictures of the incredible works of art.
 This was one of my favorites^
It is like shiny blue seaweed with yellowish fish and other sea creatures mixed in!
 Another one of my favorites^
I love all the vibrant colors. I am all about shades that pop!
 Again, the colors in this display^ really stand out.
I think another thing to notice is how the simple lines, patterns, and dots can look so wild in so many colors and sizes.
 This is a picture I took^
Notice the black shapes spilling out from underneath the log.
 We took a long time trying to figure out what they were. I settled on some type of animal, like a penguin or dolphin. What do you think they are?
This is^ possibly one of the coolest sculptures in the museum. It fills up the entire top half of a room (a glass one, I might add), and people can walk underneath and take pictures.
 And here is an excellent example of public art in Seattle.

I wish I knew how to make art like this!

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